You can upgrade or downgrade your MyCashflow plan at any time, provided that when downgrading, your online store doesn't exceed the new plan's limits set for disk space or the number of store versions and products.

To change the plan, in your online store's admin panel, go to the overview on the Account page and:

  1. In the Current Plan section, click Change Plan to access the plan selection page.
  2. Look for your preferred plan on the page.

    If the Change Plan button is displayed under the plan info, you can switch over to the plan.

    If you are about to downgrade your plan but the button is missing, your online store exceeds the plan's limits. This means that you cannot enable the selected plan.

    See the specifications for the plans.

  3. After clicking Change Plan, the page for confirming the plan change opens.

    Here you'll see the plan's details and a field for entering a potential discount code.

  4. Once you're ready to update, click Confirm update.

The new plan will be enabled immediately. Your online store will work as usual during the plan change. The costs of the new plan will be updated in the next MyCashflow invoice based on your preferred billing period.