The type of email sent to the customer who requested the availability notification once the product is back in stock.


Note: the MyCashflow theme system has undergone a major renewal of email templates.

As a result, the theme's email templates are now treated separately as an email theme, and a separate theme folder is created for them in the file directory.

Find out more about the renewal and see also the email theme instructions.

Email subject and contents are printed by using the {EmailTitle} and {EmailMessage} tags.

Customers can order the availability notification by filling in the form printed in the store on the product page with the {AvailabilityNotificationForm} tag.

The message is sent to the customer when the merchant sends it manually from the product card in the admin panel.

For more information about availability notifications, see our user guide.

Template properties

Template location
Template URL
Email notifications do not have a URL address

Default theme implementation

subject: '{OrderEmailTitle}'

{{> header }}

<wrapper class="Primary">
	<spacer size="10"></spacer>
	<container class="Block">
		{{> greeting }}
	<spacer size="20"></spacer>

<wrapper class="Primary ProductHero">
	<spacer size="10"></spacer>
	<container class="Block">
			<a href="{ProductURL}" class="ImageFrame ProductImage Big">
				<img src="{ProductImageURL(width: 600, height: 600, link: false)}" alt="{ProductName}" width="590" />
		<h3><a href="{ProductURL}"><span>{ProductName}</span></a></h3>
	<spacer size="20"></spacer>

{{> contact }}
{{> footer }}