In MyCashflow themes, templates are HTML files used for displaying pages in online stores.

Templates define page contents and design. Online store content is printed in templates by using MyCashflow Interface tags.

You can create separate templates for almost every page in a MyCashflow store (products, product category, content pages etc.) in our theme system.

All templates have pre-defined locations in the theme folder where the HTML template files should be added. The location of each template is indicated in this part on the template's separate page. If a template is added to a wrong location, it won't be used in the relevant page's layout in the online store.

This part lists all templates you can create in a store theme. If you're working on a new theme, make sure to check the list of mandatory templates first.

In your theme, you can also create optional templates e.g. for creating alternative versions of a product page in your online store.