MyCashflow Interface tags are used to print the contents and data of the online store in theme files.

Tags can be used to print e.g. product lists and content details. Another sample tag application is printing the product name on the product page by using the {ProductName} tag.

Interface tags can be used in themes' templates and the online store's text editor.

Some tags work globally and can be used on any page. Another example of a global tag is {ShopName} that prints the name of the online store.

Tags also have attributes that you can use to adjust the contents printed by the tag and its format. For instance, product lists have many attributes with which you can define products that should be included in a list:

    category: 2,
    filters: 'in_stock',
    before: '<h2>List title</h2>'

The above example prints a list that includes only the products that are in stock and belong to the product category "2". Additionally, the global attribute before is used to add a title to the list. To see which attributes can be applied to a tag, check the tag's separate page.

If you haven't used Interface tags yet, read the following help articles: