Error and success notifications generated by MyCashflow online stores.

Notifications are printed in the theme by using the {Notifications} tag.

Notification groups

Category IDDescription
AccountNotifications related to a customer account
CartNotifications related to the shopping cart, e.g. a notification about a product having been added to the shopping cart
ShippingNotifications related to selecting a shipping method
PaymentNotifications related to selecting a payment method
CheckoutNotifications displayed at checkout, such as errors caused by erroneous input
CouponNotifications related to using discount coupons, e.g. a notification about an invalid coupon code
SearchNotifications related to the online store search.

Individual notifications

The table below lists all possible notifications, a description of their content and context, and the dictionary code with which the content printed by the notification can be found in the dictionary tool.

Often, it's easier to print notifications on a page by groups, because there is a large number of individual notifications.

Notification ID and categoryStatusDictionary code
UnexpectedError (all)An unexpected error that does not fall into any of the known error categories.UnexpectedError
LoginRequired (Account)The customer is trying to access a page or perform an action that requires logging in to the online store.LoginRequired
LoginExpired (Account)The customer is trying to access an online store page that requires logging in, but the customer's session has expired.LoginExpired
AccountUnauthorized (Account)The customer is trying to access a page that the customer doesn't have the right to view, even when logged-in.AccountUnauthorized
AccountApplicationPending (Account)The customer is registered in the online store, but the customer's account must be approved by the administrator.AccountApplicationPending
LoginSuccessful (Account)The customer successfully logs in to the online store.LoginSuccessful
LoginFailed (Account)The customer's login to the online store fails.ErrorLoginFailed
LogoutSuccessful (Account)The customer logs out of the online store.LogoutSuccessful
CustomerInformationUpdated (Account)The customer has updated own details in the online store's customer register.EditContactInfoSuccess
CustomerAddressDeleted (Account)The customer has deleted a shipping address from the customer account.CustomerAddressDeleted
PasswordChanged (Account)Displayed when changing the password.PasswordHasBeenChanged
PasswordInvalid (Account)Displayed when changing the password if the customer enters the password in a wrong format.ErrorPasswordIsWrong
PasswordMismatch (Account)Displayed when changing the password if the new password entered in the confirmation field doesn't match the first input field.ErrorPasswordsDoesntMatch
ResetPasswordEmailSent (Account)A password reset link has been successfully sent to the customer.ForgotPasswordEmailSent
ResetPasswordSuccess (Account)Password has been successfully reset.ResetPasswordSuccess
ResetPasswordFailed (Account)Password reset has failed for some reason.ResetPasswordFailed
EmailSubscribed (Account)The customer joins the mailing list.NewsletterSubscribed
EmailSubscribeFailed (Account)Adding the customer to the mailing list has failed.NewsletterSubscribeFailed
EmailUnsubscribed (Account)The customer unsubscribes from the email list.NewsletterUnsubscribed
EmailUnsubscribeFailed (Account)Unsubscribing from the mailing list fails.NewsletterUnsubscribeFailed
SmsSubscribed (Account)The customer subscribed to text messages.SmsSubscribed
SmsSubscribeFailed (Account)Subscribing to text messages fails.SmsSubscribeFailed
SmsUnsubscribed (Account)The customer successfully unsubscribes from text messagesSmsUnsubscribed
SmsUnsubscribeFailed (Account)Unsubscribing from text messages fails.SmsUnsubscribeFailed
CartEmpty (Cart)There are no products in the shopping cart.ShoppingCartIsEmpty
CartUpdated (Cart)The shopping cart's contents are updated (products are added or removed).ShoppingCartUpdated
CartProductAdded (Cart)A product has been successfully added to the shopping cart.ShoppingCartAddSuccess
CartProductFailed (Cart)Adding a product to the shopping cart has failed (due to incomplete information. e.g. no variation is selected).ShoppingCartAddFailed
CartProductFailedQuantity (Cart)Changing the order quantity of one of the shopping cart products has failed.ShoppingCartAddFailedQuantity
CartProductRemoved (Cart)A product is removed from the shopping cart.ShoppingCartRemoved
CartThresholdError (Cart)Displayed in the shopping cart whenever the minimum order limit is not reached and proceeding to checkout is not possible.MinimumOrderLimitNotification
CartProductOutOfStock (Cart)Displayed for shopping cart products that are out of stock.CartProductOutOfStock
CartProductDeliveryTime (Cart)Backorder (product not available) and the delivery time has been set.CartProductDeliveryTime
CartProductDeliveryExtended (Cart)Backorder and no delivery time has been set.CartProductDeliveryExtended
CartProductDiscontinued (Cart)The product's availability period has ended.CartProductDiscontinued
CouponCodeError (Cart, Checkout)The provided coupon code is incorrect or has already been used.CheckoutErrorCouponCode
CouponThresholdError (Cart)The minimum order limit won't be reached after providing the coupon code.MinimumCouponLimitNotification
ShippingGeneralError (Shipping)Selecting a shipping method fails for some reason.CheckoutErrorShippingMethod
PaymentGeneralError (Payment)Selecting a payment method fails for some reason.CheckoutErrorPaymentMethod
PaymentVerificationError (Payment)The customer returns from the payment service after aborting payment with the selected the payment service.CheckoutPaymentConfirmationFailed
CustomerBillingAddressError (Checkout)There is an error in the customer information address.CheckoutErrorCustomerInformation
CustomerShippingAddressError (Checkout)There is an error in the shipping address.CheckoutErrorCustomerInformation
TermsError (Checkout)The customer tries to confirm the order without accepting the shipping conditions.CheckoutYouHaveToAgreeTerms
CampaignCodeActivated (Coupon)The campaign code entered by the customer has been activated.CampaignCodeActivated
CouponCodeActivated (Coupon)The coupon code entered by the customer has been activated.CouponCodeActivated
SearchNoResults (Search)Displayed when the search results list is empty.SearchNoResults
SearchFallbackNotification (Search)Displayed when there is a problem with the search engine included in paid stores, and the simplified search is enabled instead.SearchFallbackNotification