Prints the long product description.


The long description is defined in the admin panel's Product information field.


    language: string,
    maxlength: int


Required scope: tuote

The required scope is always set in the following templates:

Single product template
Product images



Defines the languages in which the content is printed.

Allowed values: pipe-separated two-letter language codes (e.g. 'fi|en|de').

To print the content in the language of the current store version, use the keyword current.


Sets the maximum length of the content to be printed. All content formatting is removed and the text to be printed is wrapped in <p> tags.

Allowed values:the number of characters as an integer. E.g. maxlength: 255


You can define the content printed before or after the content printed by the tag by using the after and before attributes.

Allowed values:The HTML and Interface markup


  • before: '<p>Tämä merkkaus näytetään ennen tagin omaa sisältöä.</p>'
  • after: '<p>Tämä taas lisätään tagin oman sisällön jälkeen</p>'

If the tag itself does not produce any content, the content of the after and before attributes won't be printed either.


Adds the escape character before quotation marks in the content to be printed.

The attribute makes it easier to process the tag-produced content when using JavaScript.

Allowed values:true / false. The default value is false.


Defines alternative content that is displayed if the tag itself does not produce any content.

Allowed values:The HTML and Interface markup

E.g. or:'Sisältöä ei löytynyt.'