You can create custom content templates in your MyCashflow theme with the help of the Web Designer extension. For instance, you can create various designs for product pages within a single theme.

You can create custom templates for the following types of content:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Campaigns
  • Content pages
  • News

To use custom templates in your theme, activate the Web Designer extension in your online store.

Once the Web Designer extension has been activated, the setting form of the above listed content types will contain the Template file section, where you can select the desired template for the page.

The Template file menu contains all templates available for the content type in question. E.g. brand settings would display all brand templates.

Additional templates must be added to correctly named folders in the theme's root directory to become visible in content setting forms. The names of content folders are as follows:
  • Products: themes/shop/THEME/product/
  • Product categories: themes/shop/THEME/category/
  • Brands: themes/shop/THEME/brand/
  • Campaigns: themes/shop/THEME/campaign
  • Content pages: themes/shop/THEME/infopage
  • News: themes/shop/THEME/news
  • You can keep track of all of your Smart Shopping campaigns' results directly in your online store's admin panel by means of account-specific and campaign-specific reports.
  • To view the results of your Smart Shopping campaigns, go to the admin panel's Products > Shopping Ads page.
  • Unifaun eCom LITE enables you to use in your online store logistics companies with whom you already have an agreement but for which MyCashflow has no direct integrations.

New templates won't necessarily become visible in the template menu as they are read from the cache memory. Wait a couple of minutes for the cache to update.

When you create HTML templates in the above mentioned folders, they will always come with a scope corresponding to that content type. E.g. you will be able to use category tags in optional category templates.