MyCashflow contains an stock management system that enables you to track your product stock. In this article you'll learn how to enable and use the system.

The stock management system enables you to track the stock balances for your products and variations. Stock management is not enabled for customizations.

Enabling stock management for variations

If a product has variations, you won't be able to track the main product's stock balance – you'll have to enable stock tracking for each of its variations instead.

Here's how to enable stock tracking for variations:

  1. In the product card, go to the Stock tab.
  2. Select the variation you'd like to track.
  3. Fill in the variation's stock management settings.
  4. Click Save.

Stock management settings

Learn more here about settings related to stock management. All settings are enabled both for products and product variations.

  • Barcode: the product's barcode.
  • Stock place: the product's location in the warehouse.
  • Enable stock tracking for this product: select this option to enable stock tracking for the product or the variation.
  • In stock: the product's stock balance, i.e. the number of product items available in your warehouse.
  • Alarm level: the alarm level defines the critical level for the product's stock balance, at which point the stock should be replenished.
    To see products for which stock levels have dropped to the alarm level, go to the Products page and, in the filter menu, select Stock Alarms.

    Defining the alarm levels for your products will help you to manage your stock proactively. To avoid delivery delays, always keep in stock your online store's most popular products.

    With a value of -1 the stock alarm is activated if the product's stock balance falls below zero. Use this value for on-demand products.

  • If sold out: this option can be used for defining how the system should work when a product runs out of stock.

    Stop selling this product: if the product runs out of stock, it will remain visible in your online store, but your customers won't be able to buy it. You can also hide out-of-stock products from your online store by modifying your store's theme. To implement this change, contact your online store's theme designer or our customer service.

    Keep selling this product: your customers will still be able to buy the out-of-stock product. In such a case, you may want to set an alternative delivery time for the product. The delivery time will be displayed to customers on the product page after the product has run out of stock, and its sale will continue.

Updating reservations and stock balance

When the customer orders a product from your online store for which stock tracking has been enabled, a reservation will be created for this product.

When you mark the product as delivered, the product's stock balance will decrease, and the reservation will be deleted.

MyCashflow is also equipped with a shopping cart with product reservation, in which a reservation is made for the product the moment it is added to the shopping cart.

If you'd like to enable the shopping cart with product reservation in your online store, contact our customer service.

Converting products into variations

If you'd like to add variations to a product for which stock tracking has been enabled, you can convert the main product's stock details into variations.

To do so, click the turn into a product variation link in the product's stock details.
In such a case, the product's stock details (including potential reservations) will be transferred to the newly created variation.