Your MyCashflow online store is equipped with the price cache, which you can use to speed up your store during busy periods. The price cache is especially beneficial for stores with large product catalogs.

When the price cache is enabled, product prices are read from the price cache in your store's customer area. Thanks to this, your store's pages – especially product lists – load faster at peak visitor times.

The improvement in page load speed which is brought about by the price cache can be as much as tenfold, depending on the store and its theme.

When the price cache is enabled, the changes made to product prices in the admin panel won't be updated in the store in real time. When enabling the tool, you can choose one of the following settings:

  • Product prices should be updated manually by clicking Refresh prices on the Products page.
  • Product prices are automatically updated at regular intervals (e.g. every hour).


Currently, the price cache cannot be enabled in the admin panel. However, our customer service will be glad to enable it on your behalf.

Enabling and using the price cache is free of charge.

When contacting our customer service, let us know whether you'd like the prices to be updated automatically or via the update button added to the Products page.

Disabling the price cache

To disable the price cache in your online store, contact our customer service.