Products can be deleted via the list on the Products page and in the product card in the admin panel.

After confirming, you cannot cancel product deletion. The product information will be deleted permanently.

Recovering deleted products is a paid service that can be performed only within a week after the products have been deleted. If you want to find out more about product recovery, contact MyCashflow customer service.

You can also hide a product from your online store by deselecting all store and language versions in the product form. Find out more about editing products.

To delete a product, go to the admin panel's Products page, and click the Delete product link in the tool menu on the right side of the relevant product's row.

Confirm deletion in the dialog box that opens. The product will instantly be deleted.

You can also delete a product on the product card by using the Delete product link in the Tools section.

When you delete a product, all of its product images and their miniatures are deleted automatically (unless the same product images are used by other products).