In MyCashflow, all customers who registered in your online store have their customer pages, on which they can manage their customer and shipping information as well as browse their order history.

In the default theme, the login link to the My account page is located in the upper right corner. The login page can also be accessed directly via an URL address in the format

On the My account page, customers can also browse their order history. In the order history, the customers can check the processing statuses of their orders as well as download order documents.

In the customer area, there is a separate page for every order with detailed order information and processing status. Here the customers can also download order documents.

Customer pages and the MyCashflow theme system

Currently, separate templates for customer account pages are not supported in MyCashflow themes. This means that the pages' contents cannot be modified in your theme.

The pages' appearance can still be edited by using CSS styles.