In your MyCashflow online store, you can create compatible and similar products. This function enables you to recommend relevant products to your customers in order to increase the average order value.

For instance, if you sell a guitar, you can mark it as compatible with a speaker and similar to a mandolin.

Products marked as compatible or similar are displayed in multiple templates in the default theme to make them easily accessible to customers. In this way the customer's shopping experience becomes more versatile, and your online store's products are brought into the spotlight in a more efficient manner.

  1. Go to list on the Products page, and select the desired product.
  2. In the product card, go to the Cross-selling tab.
  3. In the search field, search for the product that you'd like to mark as compatible or similar.
  4. Hold the pointer over the desired search result row. Click the Add as compatible or Add as similar link on the right side of the row.

    The selected product is now attached to the product whose product card is open.