MyCashflow’s default theme Barebones is a store theme included in all MyCashflow online stores that is enabled by default in every new online store. The default theme has been designed as an easy-to-use basis for your own theme customizations. With this in mind, we included in the default theme a CSS grid and ready-made JavaScript plugins.

By default, MyCashflow online stores use the system's built-in default theme, whose source code files cannot be accessed via the file browser. When necessary, see the instructions on how to enable an editable version of the Barebones theme.

You can preview the theme in our theme store.

In this section, we present Barebones's features, tools, and styles that you can use to easily create your own customizations based on the default theme.

The single-page checkout

Barebones includes a ready-to-use implementation of MyCashflow’s single-page checkout.

You can also use the theme's checkouts in place of checkout files missing from customized themes. If a checkout is missing from a theme, the default theme's checkout is automatically going to be used in its place.

Responsive design

Barebones is fully responsive. It looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile-sized devices.

Responsive design has been accomplished by using a flexible CSS grid, which you can read more about in the next section.

SASS styles

Barebones's design styles have been written in SASS. SASS is a stylesheet language that is converted to CSS styles by using SASS precompilers.

For example, you can easily change colors or fonts by making changes to the variables in the /styles/scss/common/_variables.scss file.

By editing SASS files, you can also adjust grid breakpoints and column widths.

You can easily convert SASS styles into CSS and upload files to your online store's file directory by using the mycashflow-sync command line tool.

Color variations

The theme is available in four different color versions, which are otherwise completely identical.

You can base your own default theme customization on any of the color variations.

Learn more about using color variations.

JavaScript plugins

Barebones includes several JavaScript plugins that allow you to implement many online store features without having to code them from scratch yourself.

Learn more about the JavaScript plugins.